Richard James May			1893–1897 	
	Stephen Cook				1897–July 1919
	W E Hart 				July 1919–Sept 1919
	William Henry Baker 			Sept 1919–1930


	W G D Harrison 				1892–1893
	Walter D Fagg 				1894–1911
	Lt C Maclean RN 			1911–1914
	Richard White 				1914–1928
	Lt Col C Kennedy Craufurd Stuart 	1928–1930


Prior to the opening of the station, five Silver Medals had been awarded to Coastguard Officers at Folkestone, viz: 
Name Date voted Casualty Lt G S Baker RN 30 Nov 1831 Brig ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Lt George Davies RN 05 Dec 1832 Sloop ‘Dartmouth’ Lt F Coppin RN 17 Apr 1839 Brig ‘Prince Christian’ John Town 10 Jun 1847 Brig ‘Henry & Sarah’ John Town 06 Feb 1850 Galliot ‘Margarentta Subruna’ Lifeboat station established and a boathouse constructed on a site near the Victoria Pier at a cost of £680. 1893 Silver medal to Coxswain Stephen Cook for rescue of the crew of the Folkstone fishing smack ‘Good Intent’ on 5 October 1904 Station closed when a motor lifeboat was placed at Hythe. 1930



Record of services carried out by the Folkestone Lifeboat of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

The “J McCONNEL HUSSEY” Lifeboat

1895	Nov 24		Fishing Lugger PERSEVERANCE of Folkestone	Assisted to save vessel 	Rescued 3
1896	Sep 25		Barque AGDER of Frederickstradt							Rescued 4
1900	Aug 27		Fishing Boat JESSIE of Folkestone						Rescued 3
1902	Dec 05		Ketch EUSTACE of West Hartlepool		No service

The “Leslie” Lifeboat

1904	May 14		S.S.  MARZO of Bilbao				Rendered assistance
1904	Oct 05		Fishing Boat GOOD INTENT of Folkestone						Rescued 3
1906	Jul 08		S.S.  FISHREN of Newcastle			No service
1907	May 29		Lugger  E.M.L. of Folkestone			Landed three
1907	Oct 16		Lugger BIRD OF FREEDOM of Shoreham		Rendered assistance
1907	Nov 25		Sprit Sail Barge				No service
1907	Dec 08		S.S SCHELDESTROOM of Amsterdam							Rescued 7
1910	Nov 03		Barge FRIENDSHIP				No service
1915	Dec 23		H.M. Motor Boat X64								Rescued 6
1917	Mar 10		Lightship of Folkestone harbour			Stood by and rendered assistance
1918	Feb 03		H.M. Destroyer					No service
1918	Feb 04		Inner Gate Lightship				Stood by vessel	
1921	Apr 17		Schooner MERCKEM of Antwerp			No service
1923	Feb 17		Barge JOHN VIDLER of Rye			Rendered assistance
1923	Oct 27		Schooner ELSA of Teignmouth			No service
1925	Jul 13		S.S. URIBITARTE of Bilbao			No service
1926	Apr 06		S.S. DUCE of Genoa				Stood by vessel
1926	Aug 28		Flying Boat					No service
1926	Sep 03		S.S. VOLUMNIA of Glasgow			No service
1926	Sep 03		S.S. CASSARD of Nantes				Rendered assistance
1928	Jul 14		S.S. AUGSBURG of Germany			No service

Station Closed 16th October 1930.

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