Descendants of Osbern DECAILLY

Second Generation

2. Guillame DECAILLY (Osbern ) was born in 1045.

I have a note that says the first
de Cailli was sent by William I as an envoy to the
English crown - before the conquest. Then, Guillame
(the son) is said to have participated in the Hastings
Battle (Sherrill)

Guillame married Maude DE BEAUMONT.

They had the following children:

  3 M i Osbern DECAILLY.
  4 M ii Roger DECAILLY.

We do of course also have Roger de Kaillewi/ de Cailli in the reign of Henry I, as a witness in a Hereford land grant. Presumably born somewhere between 1070 and 1100.
+ 5 M iii William DECAILLY was born about 1070.
+ 6 M iv Humphrey DECAILLY was born about 1080.

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