THE ACTORS – Edmund(Gwenn) and Arthur(Chesney) Kellaway

WILLIAM KELLAWAY		&		ANN BIDDICK m.1841 Bodmin  	Mason	Halwill Families
25 Feb 1807 Halwill-1888 Bodmin
Jane				1844 Bodmin			m.John Williams 1864 Bodmin
John				1846 Bodmin			m.Catherine Augusta C Oliver 1876 Holborn, London
William				1848 Bodmin			m.Fanny Snowdon Walton 1876 Newcastle On Tyne

JOHN KELLAWAY			& 	CATHERINE A.C. OLIVER m.1876 Holborn London
Edmund John(Gwenn)	26.09.1877 Wandsworth m.Marguerite Terry 12 Nov 1901 Marylebone Reg Office. m.lasted 1 day!   d.06.09.1959 California    
Margaret Ann 			1879 Wandsworth
Nellie Jane			1880 Wandsworth
Arthur William (Chesney)	1882 Wandsworth 			d.27 Aug 1949 London

WILLIAM KELLAWAY      		&		FANNY SNOWDON WALTON m.1876 Newcastle-On-Tyne
Sgt Maj. RI Engineers				d.1891, age 41 
Emily Walton			1877 Newcastle On Tyne
Annie				1879 Newcastle On Tyne		m.1906
William Valentine		1881 Newcastle On Tyne d.1913 age 32 Morpeth
?Fanny Evaline			1890 Newcastle On Tyne		m.Edwin Richardson 1925

d. bef 1871
Charles Raymond			1865 Bodmin

The Actors Edmund(Gwenn) and Arthur(Chesney) have been described as “cousins” of the Actor Cecil Kellaway.

However, there is no evidence to support this idea. Cecil was on the “George of Newington Line” and his family descent can be seen here.

There are no known male descendents of the these two actors, but the Halwill line matches the “Black Torrington” line for DNA whilst George (and therefore Cecil) matches the American “Peter” line. So “cousins” is really not possible.

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