Henry, Matthew and Samuel were born in Black Torrington. See:
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	HENRY CELLAWAY 1756		& 		ELIZABETH LANG m.08.04.1782 Lifton			Yeoman of Latchley
	(d.17.10.1833, 77) bur 22nd			(d.17.04.1823,	65)
	Mary Cellaway	 	07.04.1783  d.11.04.1783 
	Molly Cellaway		19.09.1784	  		m.Collen Richards 31.01.1807
	James Kellaway		27.12.1795			m.Mary Couch (1841 census)			Will of Henry Kellaway

	MATTHEW KELLAWAY  		&		ANN HARRIS m.08.07.1794 Lamerton    			Yeoman 		Sand Hill Gate
	(d.16.08.1839, 77 Will)				(d.13.02.1820, 49)
	Samuel Kellaway		07.02.1795 Lamerton 		m.Jane Hamley 08.05.1820 Tav
	Susanna Killoway	05.08.1797			m.John Hooper  22.12.1821 d.13.11.1832
	Henry Kellaway		05.01.1803			m.Sarah Grills 03.06.1823 Laneast		Will of Matthew Kellaway

	(d.09.04.1822, 28)
	Caroline 		29.10.1820 PB

	SAMUEL KELLAWAY			&		JANE HAMLEY m.08.05.1820 Tavistock 			Carpenter 
	d.08.07.1861 Bristol				d.23.01.1861 Bristol
	William Hamley		11.10.1820 Tav  		m.Mary Elizabeth Evans 02.08.1841
	Samuel Hamley		20.08.1822 Bristol 		m.Kezia Gould Ley 09.08.1858
	George Hamley		25.04.1824 Trowbridge 		m.Julia Cahill 1849 d.1897 Bristol
	Henry Matthew		07.05.1826 Trowbridge 		m.Catherine Morris 05.10.1863 Bristol
	Jane			18.12.1828 Eton 	d.1857
	James			08.04.1832 Bristol 		m.Emma Fitzgerald 1861 Bristol
	Ann				1835? Bristol d.29.06.1856
	Susan				1837  Bristol 		m.Mark Ball d.29.05.1861
	Simeon			25.10.1840    Bristol	d.1850							SEE: Bristol Families

	HENRY KELLAWAY 1803		&		SARAH GRYLLS m.03.06.1823 Laneast 			Carpenetr then Miner, Sand Hill
							d.1882, 84 Malden, Victoria AUS
	Henry Harris Kelloway GRILLS 27.04.1823 bb Laneast	m.Hannah Corless 1866		d.1890 Malden Victoria
	Lavinia 		06.01.1825 d.27.04.1825 PB
	Elizabeth Grylls	01.04.1827			m.John Moyle Dunn 15.12.1849 	went to AUS	d.1907 Malden, Victoria
	Lavinia Naomi		17.06.1829 d.25.03.1831				
	Samuel 			28.02.1832			m.Eliza Buckley 		went to AUS
	William John Gryll	13.04.1836			m.Mary Ann Treloar 25.12.1858	
	John  Matthew		06.02.1840			m.Catherine Warne 15.05.1862 	went to USA


	JAMES KELLAWAY 1796 		&		 MARY (COUCH m.17.04.1821 St Dominick?) Stoke Dameral 1851, 1841 Calstock Census
	d.13.03.1861 Devonport

	SAMUEL KELLAWAY			&		ELIZA BUCKLEY				went to Australia 1855
	d.1894 Malden Vic AUS				d.1888, 59 Malden Vic AUS
	Sarah Mary		08.07.1855 Port Adelaide  Born At Sea   d.1863
	Henry William			1857 Victoria d.1863
	Samuel John			1859 Malden Vic		m.Grace Merrett 1893			d.1912
	George Edward			1862 Malden Vic d.1879
	John Matthew			1864 Malden Vic d.1865
	Thomas				1865 Malden Vic							d.1940
	William Henry			1866 Malden Vic

	ROBERT KELLAWAY(1832 South Tawton of John)&	ELIZABETH DOWN m.06.05.1856 		(went to Canada?) Ag Lab then miner
	Susan Ann		07.06.1857
	Emily Creber		25.12.1859
	Samuel Thomas		14.12.1866

	WILLIAM JOHN KELLAWAY		&		MARY ANNE TRELOAR m.25.12.1858  			Miner Sandhill
	d.						d.1903 Devonport
	Sarah Ann		22.05.1859  b.06.05.1859  d.29.11.1863	(accidently burned)
	Henry			10.12.1860  b.12.09.1860 	m.Mary Jane Cavill 1889	RN HMS Monach 1881 Customs Officer Holy Is. 1891
	Loveday Louisa		15.07.1862  b.20.06.1862	m.William H Barrett 1887 Stoke D
	Sarah Ann		27.11.1864  b.26.10.1864				Workhouse Tavistock 1891
	Norah Jane		03.06.1868  b.20.05.1865 PB(of Mary Ann only) d.06.09.1868
	This family was in the workhouse 1871. Loveday left bef 1872 Norah died in the Workhouse

	JOHN MATTHEW KELLAWAY 		&		CATHERINE WARNE m.15.05.1862				Miner Sandhill		All went to USA
	d.30.04.1914 Scranton PA			d.02.12.1912 Scranton PA
	John Matthew		08.03.1863  b.08.02.1863	m.Emma Jackson 02.10.1890 Scranton PA
	William Henry		14.10.1864  b.08.08.1864 Wes 	m.Lizzie Hough 31.08.1887	
	Samuel			03.07.1865 Tavistock 		m.Mary Ellen Michebey 22.02.1888
	Charles King		05.10.1869 NJ USA		m.1)Jennie Coddington 2)Emily 3)Jennie Parmenter 21.04.1895
	Thomas			21.03.1872 NJ 			m.Jennie Miller 05.06.1895
	Eli			17.01.1874 NJ 			m.Mary E Leonard 22.11.1895
	Sarah			12.12.1876 NJ 			m.Frank Fordham 14.06.1898
	Mary			23.01.1878 NJ 			m.William James Stevens 22.09.1903 2)William Owens 13.10.1919
	Alfred Paul		06.11.1880 NJ 			m.Ivy L Stanton 05.10.1901

	WILLIAM KELLAWAY		&	JANE LANGMAN m.17.08.1863 Launceston
	d.27.01.1895 Bere Alston		d.17.02.1907           (both of Broadwoodwidger)
	Albert William		25.01.1868  b.10.01.1865	m.Mary Rosina P Williams 1889		went to NZ
	George Thomas		25.01.1868  b.1867							went to NZ
	Elizabeth Jane		25.01.1868  b.26.12.1867	m.Frederick G Pritchard 1889 Tavistock went to Runcorn	d.1941 Runcorn
	Edwin			09.06.1871  b.03.07.1870
	Mary Ann		25.12.1873  b.01.11.1872
	Lavinia			04.10.1874  b.03.09.1874	m.Frederick Hankinson 1898 Runcorn 	d.26.09.1928, 54
	John Henry		29.10.1876  b.11.03.1874	m.Clara Jane Stephens 1901 Helston
	Alfred James		28.03.1878	d.02.04.1878
	Bessie	Ann		29.04.1880   Beerferris Weslyan bap			Runcorn 1901, 1911
	Frederick			1882 Beerferris
	Rosabella			1883 Beerferris		m.George Henry Potts 1906 Runcorn		d.08.12.1963 Runcorn

	HENRY KELLAWAY			&	MARY JANE CAVILL m.1889	Tavistock		RN 08.10.1877-16.09.1919 Customs Officer Holy Is. 1891 
	d.1929 Totnes??				d.12.02.1934, 67 Plymouth
	George Henry		15.10.1890 Holy Island, Northumberland m.Georgina Winifred Blackler 02.08.1920 Devonport	Enlisted Royal Marines 22.10.1910	d.1979 St Germans
	Florence Sarah Louise	14.01.1894 Bamburgh d.1900, 6
	Minnie Loveday			1902 Devonport		m.Benjamin O Birch 1923 Devonport

	JOHN KELLAWAY			&	MARY ANN DAWE m.1900						Labourer
	Ronald John		25.10.1901 Beeralston	d.1907, 6

	Reginald			1902 Helston		m.Agnes Nicholls 1926 Helston
	Alice Cressen			1903 Helston		m.William Whitley 1930
	William Gerald S		1907 Helston
	Frederick H			1916 Helston		m.Grace J Gilbert 1938

	Thomas D			1926 Helston

	Calstock additions:
	John Lane 				= 	Mary Kelloway				m.22.08.1785
	Isaac Kellaway, 33 w, s/o Robert  	= 	Mary Allen, 32, w, D of Thomas Whitford m.18.11.1861
	(Isaac of Shebbear) this family went to USA

	PB = Private baptism	
	All baptisms/marriages/deaths  Calstock unless stated. English dates

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