This family came from the small village of Halwill in Devon. They first moved to Lifton another small village where they ran a Draper and Grocer Store. After John Kellaway died in 1882 his wife continued the business and after her death the daughters, Charlotte, Amelia and Jessie continued to run the shop in the early 1900s.

One of the sons Joseph May Kellaway took his family to Massachusetts in 1874.

I am very grateful to Becky Paget for information and for sharing these lovely photographs of her family.

JOHN KELLAWAY MARY MAYThe Kellaway Draper and Grocer Store, Lifton
John Kellaway m.08.06.1841Mary (May) KellawayKellaway Store
b.19.11.1809 Halwill
Draper and Grocer
d.22.09.1882 Lifton
 b.1823 Lifton
d.14.03.1892 Lifton
Kellaway Grocer and Draper, Lifton
Other Children of John and Mary May Kellaway
Mary Rebecca Hyland
Taken 1910
Kent UK

Went to USA
Joseph May Kellaway
Taken 1910
Charlotte b.29.11.1843 d.04.04.1922 Unmarried
William May b.06.03.1845 d.09.03.1845
Mary May b.07.04.1846 m.Thomas Harry 1868 d.09.03.1887
Amelia b.01.01.1848 d.12.09.1918 Unmarried
Eliza A b.08.07.1849 d.26.02.1893
Elizabeth Jane b.08.07.1849 d.11.07.1849
John May b.01.04.1851 d.30.05.1856
Ester Hannah b.23.01.1853 m.Thomas Northcott 1877 d.10.01.1934
William Alfred b.30.12.1854 m.Margaret Duffy 1878
                     m.Mary Ann Johns 1887 d.08.04.1898
Emily b.31.01.1856 d.12.12.1864
Jessie b.31.01.1856 d.29.07.1913 Unmarried
John Henry b.14.01.1858 d.18.05.1858
Sarah Jane b.14.01.1858 d.27.01.1859
Amos b.28.05.1859 m.Mary Margaret Raymond 1893 d.10.12.1919
Emma J b.06.03.1861 m.Tom Oke 1880 d.22.06.1892
Cephas b.20.05.1862 m.Annie Pomeroy 1887 d.19.09.1940
Harriet b.xx.04.1864 d.14.11.1864
b.14.07.1845 Hastings, Sussex
d.11.11.1923 Newton Ma
 b.17.12.1841 Lifton, Devon
d.14.03.1915 Newton Ma.

Herbert John_________Frederick Joseph___________Arthur William_____Edward Thomas________Clara Louisa_______Elsie May____________Charles J. 1870–1886
b.11.11.1867 	     b.22.08.1873 		b.10.12.1875       b.09.04.1877		b.30.07.1879	   b.09.06.1891		Phyllis M. 1872–1872
Sevenoaks	     Sevenoaks			Needham Ma. USA	   Needham Ma		Needham Ma	   Newton Ma		Alice M.   1881–1887
m.Lutie F Campbell   m.Elizabeth A Sumner	m.Marion Ireland   m.Florence M.Cooper	m.John Temperley   m.Joseph T Bishop	George H.  1885–1886
m.11.11.1919	     m.02.06.1897 		m.17.09.1901	   m.17.01.1906		m.09.08.1904	   m.12.07.1922
d.06.09.1947	     	8 children		d.18.09.1940	   d.27.10.1955		Newton Ma	   d.29.10.1974
Bath Me		     m.Mary Ann Wade  		Newton Ma	    Waban Ma		d.22.09.1961	   Eliot Me	
1 daughter	     m.16.06.1912		  6 children	     4 children  	Framingham Ma
			2 daughters							 5 children
		     m.Elizabeth A Ling							   See Below						
			1 son
Joseph May Kellaway
and Sons
 Clara Louisa Kellaway Elsie May Kellaway
and Joseph Torrey Bishop
Herbert, Arthur, Edward
Herbert, Arthur, Edward, Joseph, Frederick
Joseph, Frederick
 Clara Louise Kellaway
Taken c.1897
 Joseph and Elsie Bishop

John Temperley Clara Louisa (Kellaway)
John Temperleym.09.08.1904 Newton MaClara Louise Kellaway
b.28.02.1871, Worsley, Lancashire UK
d.10.05.1958, Newton, Ma.
Owned printing business.
Edited the Newton Town Crier.
Newton Alderman.
 b.30.07.1879 Needham Ma
d.22.09.1961 Framingham Ma
	Miriam Lucille__________Alice Mary______________Clara Esther____________John Kellaway Temperley_________Ada Phyllis
	b.02.06.1905		b.16.08.1906		28.05.1910		b.03 09.1912			b.05.12.1914
	Newton Ma		Newton Ma		Newton Ma		Newton Ma			Newton Ma
	m.Raymond E Boardman	d.21.03.1968		m.Rev.Paul A Barker	m.Dorothy V Foster		d.13.02.1998
	m.02.06.1928		Boston Ma		m.26.11.1934		m.27.05.1945			Webster Ma
	m.Herbert W Perritt				d.21.01.2002		m.Lena Mae Marsch Fritz
	d.26.11.1989					Maryville Tn		m.29.11.1969
	Winchester Ma								d.20.02.2010			
										Cumming Ga

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