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The earliest records we have in these families are for the Kayle family (an offshoot of the original De Cailly family) who had settled principally in Devon and Cornwall by the start of the 13th Century. About 1370:
Descendants: 1) Margaret/Margery Kayle married John Luccombe.
Her brother   2) Ralph Kayle married Maud Stonner the Euthy heiress.

Ralph′s side of the family died out because eventually it was a descendent of Margaret who became the Euthy heir.

The pedigree of this family is given in Courtenay of Penkevil, Cornwall Visitations. However, if this is compared to the court records of the time it is clear that there were considerable errors in this pedigree as given(1,2,3,4,5).

We find names Ilcombe and Luccombe used interchangeably in this part of the family.

The Kayle Luccombe/Ilcombe Tree   was constructed using court records,
property records and Visitations. However there is conflicting evidence in these. In one record we gain the impression that John Devioke′s
father is William Devioke1 since the court case involves the three Luccombe sisters and their husbands. In another record from a Devyok website John′s father is given as John Devioke4. I have used the first record in constructing the family tree.

It is clear the Ilcombe/Luccombe and Kellaway families had early links from the following Pyne record and the Visitation Records for Pyne, Devon Visitation of the County of Devon, 1620 PYNE - Arms: (1) Pyne (2) Downe (3) Kellaway (4) Ilcombe (5) Salle (6) Birt (7) Hentscombe (8) Appleton (9) Gold (10) Penfold


If we turn to the second part of the  Luccombe Devioke Tree  we can see two links to the Kellaway families and, importantly, to Sir William Kellaway de Rockbourne. It can be seen that, at present, there are insufficient records to join together the various fragments of either Luccombe or Devioke families to give a complete picture.

The father of William and John Devioke is not known. It would not appear to be John Devioke (ancestry unknown) who married Margaret Longeland as their daughter, Margaret, was the heiress.

Margaret Longeland was Cousin to Alice Blount linked by their common Furneaux ancesters and these would also link them to Chidiock and FitzWarryn.  FitzWarryn Tree
The father of John Luccombe who married Margaret Kayle about 1370 is unknown.

In The History of the Hundred of Carhampton p.156 (Google Books) it was stated that Sir Baldric de Nonnington d.1310 had as heir his daughter Margaret who married Robert de Pudele. The son John Pudele took the name de Luccombe and held the manor in 1320. He was succeeded by his heir Hugh who died 1323 leaving a son John b.1322. At this point the descent becomes contradictory but ends with a John, who died without issue, holding Luccombe Manor in 1335. His sister Elizabeth and husband Oliver St John inherited. Later this property passed to the Arundells of Trerice.

It is perhaps possible that Phillip Luccombe6 and John Luccombe noted in the tree descend from a younger son of this family. Philip de Luccombe appears as a witness on a document in c.1325 (See History of Hundred of Carhampton p.387) and Geoffrey de Luccombe (p.386) was witness to another document at about the same time, but clearly a little later if he is the son.

In British History online6 we see how the link between Luccombe and Coplestone is set up via the marriage of Alice Luccombe (daughter of Geoffrey son of Phillip) to John Coplestone. This in turn provides us with a link between Coplestone and Stafford/Kellaway families.

We then come to the main link of interest. Elizabeth Luccombe married William Devoke1. (see earlier)

Their son John married 1) Isabell. Nothing is known of Isabell although she may first have married John son of William Ilcombe and Isabell Symons and brought the Euthy inheritance to John Devioke with her marriage. John and Isabel had one daughter Jane b. c.1442 who married Edmund Courtenay (See Courtenay Visitations) Jane was the heir of Euthy and coheir of John Devioke.

John Devioke married 2) Joan Kayleway and we have excellent records of her children:7, William and Robert Kayleway and then the 7 daughters whose surname is not given but might well be Kayleway. The wording of the document first to heirs of John D and Joan, then her sons, then her daughters etc would seem to indicate that. We have only one possible record of these daughters in the marriage of Catherine daughter of John Kellaway to Nicholas Trebartha about 1465. (See Spoore Visitations, Cornwall).

Many of the properties listed in this document7 ended up in the possession of Sir William of Rockborne and there can be little doubt that Joan Kayleway/Devioke was the mother of the first Sir William.

It must be noted that the location of the Devioke family in Warleggan and St Neot may explain how the Callaways were first found in St Neot. It may be Robert who was the starting member of this Callaway group whose records begin with a marriage of Joan daughter of John to John Tubbe about 1500 (see Visitations of Cornwall Tubbe Pedigree) and John Cayleway paying taxes in St Neot in 1524. This John could be the son of Robert the younger brother of the first Sir William Kellaway.

Joan and John Devioke probably had one son Edmund b.~1460. We have three records which indicate that this is so and that he died early (8,9,10). A fourth11 record is missing a first name and may well be for John Devioke′s death in 1504.

The question then is who was Joan Kayleway married to before John Devioke?

The most likely husband for her must be John Kellaway son of Thomas and Joan Bingham. It does not appear possible that Sir William could have inherited Rockboune, Sutton and property associated with the Bingham and Romsey families unless this was so.

There are two records of John Kayleway and Joan. The first when property was settled on them by Roger Wyke and Joan Bingham in 1447 at which time there was only one son John mentioned12. Clearly John must have died if only William and Robert are mentioned as children of Joan in the later, 1473, record7.

The second13 may also be the father John Kayleway at Hatherleigh mid 1400′s.

Sir John Tregonall married Elizabeth the daughter of Sir John Kellaway and arms on their tomb would seem to support this argument14, i.e. Kellaway quartered with Bingham, Romsey and Bissett.

There are certain problems with regard to age. There is a record in 1428 of John Kayleway associated with the property of Muxbeare and Whitesleigh both of which descended to Sir William15. This date would indicate that John was born about 1407. The other possibility is that this is John son of Edmund of the Sherborne line, but this seems unlikely given the descent of these properties to Sir William.

The first record we have of John K and Joan with a son is the one in 1447 12.

We do not know if there were earlier daughters but if Joan′s last child, Edmund Devioke was born about 1460 or later Joan must have been considerably younger than John, perhaps born between 1420 and 1430. She appears to have had 10 children with John K before her marriage to John Devioke.

Finally we have two clues to the maiden name of Joan Kellaway/Devioke in the descent of the Advowson of Monckokehampton(16,17).

It would appear that in 1442-1457 this was held by the Whyte and Lytelwyke families. Thus it would seem there must either: a) be a link between Nicholas Whyte and Joan Kellaway/Devioke. (The dates are right for her to be his daughter. The Whyte family here are descended from the part of the Kayle family who became the le White de Stowfords). OR b) be a link between the William Lytelwyke (who also appears in other records12) and Joan Kellaway Devioke.


Rockbourne Kellaway Tree

In conclusion it would seem that the Luccombe Devioke tree when viewed alongside the Rockbourne Kayleway Tree would provide the most probable descent and explanation for both the property18 and family links from the early Callaways through Edmund Cayllewaye to the Rockbourne Knights.


1)CP 25/1/34/45, number 8. County: Cornwall. Place: Westminster.

Date: Three weeks from St Michael, 37 Henry VI [20 October 1458]. And afterwards one week from St Michael, 10 Henry VII [6 October 1494] (after the deaths of John Glyn, Thomas Tregarthen and Thomas Gidelegh).

Parties: In 37 Henry VI: John Glyn and Thomas Tregarthen, querents, and Thomas Gidelegh and Margaret, his wife, deforciants. In 10 Henry VII: John Glyn, son and heir of the aforesaid John Glyn, and the aforesaid Margaret, the wife of Thomas Gidelegh.

Property: 26 shillings of rent in Atte More, Penkestell, Stengelly, Flodre in the parish of Sc′i Neoti, Trevedowe, Downehous, Ouerasorme, Netherasorme, Pontewysa, Casteldewy, Whiteburgh and Park in the parish of Warlegan.
Action: Plea of covenant.

Agreement: Thomas Gidelegh and Margaret have granted to John Glyn and Thomas Tregarthen the rent together with the homages and all services of John Nicoll, son and heir of John Nicoll, late of Bodmyn, Margaret, late the wife of John Dyer, daughter and heir of John Eowlegge, Thomas Glyn, Walter Waryn and Joan, his wife, Thomas Coleford and Margaret, his wife, Thomas Clemens, John Kelyowe, Robert Trethewy and Thomasia, his wife, Stephen Palmer and Emma, his wife, John Tremure and Joan, his wife, Robert Cork and Alice, his wife, Walter Moille and Margaret, his wife, William Deuyok and Elizabeth, his wife, William Rosmodres and Alice, his wife, Stephen Bofelen' and William Dewy and their heirs, in respect of all the tenements which they held before of Thomas Gidelegh and Margaret, his wife, in the aforesaid vills, and have rendered the aforesaid rent to them in the same court, to hold to John Glyn and Thomas Tregarthen and the heirs of John, of the chief lords for ever.

Warranty: Warranty by Thomas Gidelegh and Margaret and the heirs of Thomas.

For this: John Glyn and Thomas Tregarthen have granted for themselves and the heirs of John that they shall render to Thomas Gidelegh and Margaret, his wife, and the heirs of Thomas one grain of corn at St Michael for 100 years following the acknowledgment of this fine, and shall also render to Thomas Gidelegh and Margaret and the heirs of Thomas 11 shillings of silver at St Michael after 100 years have elapsed.

2)Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Early Proceedings, Richard II to Philip and Mary C 1/31/119

William Resmoderes and Alice his wife, daughter of John Lucombe; and John Devyok, son of Elizabeth, another daughter of the said John Lucombe, son of Margery sister of Ralph, father of Robert Kayll. v. John Trevylen, feoffee to uses.: Land at St. Winnow Date range: 1465 to 1483.

3)Exchequer: Augmentation Office: Ancient Deeds, Series B E 326/6468

Parties: Laurence, son and heir of Richard Courteney Esq., of Ethy (in St. Winnow), deceased & Thomas Arundell, knight, and others (feoffees to uses, as specified); Place or Subject: The manors of Warleggon (Warlegan), Treverbyn (in St. Neot), Deviock Date range: 1200 to 1592.

4) John DEVYOK (fl.1472-1500) of Ethy, Cornwall. Born c.1420
Son of John Devyok(d.1474) and Elizabeth, daughter of John Luccombe of Bodmin.
1467-8 M.P. Bodmin. (H.P.p.273)
21 Jun.1469 Pardoned. (ibid.)
In Dec.1472 Part owner and victualler of “le Barbara” of Fowey, guilty of piracy.
27 Oct.1473 On a commission to array the lieges of Cornwall to capture St.Michael′s Mount, taken by Oxford and others.
1484 A feoffee for John Moyle
On-line reference available.


John Moyle, son of Margaret, daughter of John Lucombe, son of Margery, daughter of RAUF, father of ROBERT, father of WILLIAM KAYLE. Actions of dower in respect of lands in Fenton, Fenton Wynwith, and other places and profits of tinworks: Cornwall v. Phillipe Carmynowne
Water Moyle, knight, and Margarete his wife, daughter of John, son of Margery, sister of Ralph, father of Robert, father of William Kayll. v. John Devyok, son of Elizabeth, sister of Margaret.: Manors of Euthy and Penmena, late of William Kayll.: Cornwall.

6) Reynold of Newton had been succeeded as terre tenant by his son Robert by 1241. Robert, alive in 1269, probably died shortly afterwards. (fn. 2) He had had a son called Richard but seems to have been succeeded by his brother Richard before 1280. (fn.3) Richard held Newton in 1285 and 1303 (fn.4) but was dead by 1305 leaving a son Robert and a widow Sarah as tenant for life. (fn.5) In 1346 Philip Luccombe and Agnes Trivet, possibly Robert′s widow, were said to hold the fee. (fn. 6) By 1355 the manor was divided, part being held by Margaret, wife of John Payn. (fn. 7) Philip Luccombe′s wife Agatha was possibly daughter of Robert Newton, and in 1385 Alice, daughter and heir of the Luccombes' son Geoffrey and wife of John Copplestone, held the entire manor. (fn. 8) John Copplestone′s brother Richard bought the manor in 1385 and died leaving John Copplestone as his heir. John may have been still alive in 1423 but by 1428 Thomas Copplestone, possibly John′s son, had succeeded. (fn. 9) Thomas Copplestone, possibly the same, and his wife Anne held the manor in 1477. (fn. 10) He died in 1480 leaving four daughters: (fn. 11) Catherine, wife of John Sydenham; Joan, wife successively of Simon Littlecote, Sir Morgan Kidwelly, and Sir Edmund Gorges; Margaret, wife successively of William Hymerford and Henry Thornton; and Elizabeth, wife of William Seymour. Catherine appears to have died by 1524 leaving her three sisters as her heirs. (fn. 12)
From: 'North Petherton: Manors and other estates, A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 6: Andersfield, Cannington, and North Petherton Hundreds (Bridgwater and neighbouring parishes) (1992), pp. 283-300.
URL: Date accessed: 29 January 2008.

7)CP 12/1/46/92, number 30 County: Devon Place: Westminster Date: Two weeks from St. Michael, 12 Edward IV [13 October 1472. And afterwards one week from St. Michael, 13 Edward IV (6 October 1473).
Parties: William Deuyok' [Deviock], querent, and John Deviock the younger and Joan, his wife, deforciants.
Property: The manors of Cadekebeare and Melbury and the advowson of the church of Monkeokhampton, 45 messuages, 12 gardens, 1000 acres of land, 120 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood, 200 of moor and 1000 acres of furze and heath, 10 pounds, 8 shillings, 10 pence and ? halfpenny of rent and rent of 1 horse′s nail and 2 red roses in Monkeokhampton, Nethercote, Southcote, Maddeford, Blakedon, Croft, Greneslade, Bradeworthe, Methermelbury, Weggedon, More, Manyspesdyche, Overmelbury, Brokescombe, Cokeswall, Northcombe, Jageford, Wykeiarmen, Teyngcombe, Fenne, Okehampton, Plympton, Neutonbusshell, Northtauton, Loworthy, Westworth More, Chychemore, Pyre, Crydeton, Exon and in the parish Of Sc′i Leonardi [St Leonard] outside the south gate of Exon [Exeter].

Action: Plea of covenant
Agreement: John and Joan have acknowledged the manors, tenements, rent and advowson to be the right of William, as those which he has of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Joan to him and his heirs for ever.
Warranty: Warranty
For this: William has granted to John and Joan the manors, tenements, rent and advowson and has rendered them to them in the same court, to hold to John and Joan and the heirs of their bodies, of the chief lords for ever. In default of such heirs, successive remainders to (1) WILLIAM CAYLEWAY, son of the aforesaid Joan, and the heirs of his body, (2) to ROBERT CAYLEWAY, brother of WILLIAM CAYLEWAY, and the heirs of his body, (3) to JOAN the elder, ELIZABETH, KATHERINE, ANNE, AMY AND JOAN the younger and MARGARET, daughters of the aforesaid Joan, the wife of John Deviock, and the heirs of their bodies, (4) to John Deviock the elder and the heirs of his body, (5) to William Deviock, brother of John Deviock the elder, and the heirs of his body, (6) to JOHN TRECARELL the younger and MARGARET his wife, sister of the Aforesaid William Deviock, brother of John Deviock the elder, and the heirs of their bodies, and (7) to the right heirs of John Deviock the younger.

8)Reference: 3248A-0/11/122 Devon Record Office
Creation dates: 1481 Scope and Content
1 John Asshe and Margaret his wife
2 John Devyok, Joan his wife and Edmond, their sons
Premises: Lands in Kymplegh

9)CP40/961 nm.148(Trin. 1502).
P(Plaintiff?):John Gilbert, Roger Holand,John Cruys and John Kayleway.D(Deforciant). Edmund Devyok Land: Manors of Cadecaheare and Melbury, advowson of Monk Okehampton,and 45 messuages, 12 gardens,1000 a.Land, 120 a. meadow, 200a.pasture,20 a. woods, 200a.moor, 1000a. heath and rent of £10 8s 10d, 1halfpenny, 1 hawk and two roses in Monkeoekehampton,Nethercote,Southcote and Plympton,Madford, Blagdon, Croft,Greenslade, grudgeworthy, Nether Melbury, Wigden Moor, Over Melbury, Brockescombe,Coxwell, Northcombe, Jaggeford, Germansweek, Teigncombe, Lenne, Okehampton,Newton, Bushell,North Stanton, Loworthy, Westworth Moor, Chichemore, Pyre,and in the parish of St Leonard outside the southern part of Exeter in Tottisden, Twinyeo and Marsh, Devon.

10) Reference: 314M-0/TF/55 Devon Record Office
Creation dates: 1502 Scope and Content
Trust Deed
Margaret Ayshe, widow to Edmund Deviock and nine others
Lands in Okehampton, Tavistock, Thornbury and Stratton
Provisions for a pension during her life and for masses and distribution of food to the poor after her death

11)A week before his death in 1504 Devyok gave the manors to Henry Trecarrell, Michael Kelly and John Anthony perhaps his executors for the performance of his last will. 3, IPM Henry VII No.54

12) 36. At Westminster in the quinzaine of St. Michael between Nicholas Radeford and William Lytelwyke querents;
and Roger Wyke and Joan his wife deforciants; for the manor of Sutton Byngham and the advowson, and four messuages, one hundred acres of land and six acres of meadow in Sutton Byngham and Estcoker. Roger and Joan acknowledged the right of Nicholas and quit claimed for themselves and the heirs of Joan; for this Nicholas granted the same to them to hold without impeachment of waste for their lives, and after their decease to remain to John son and heir of John Cayleway and Joan his wife and their issue and if John and Joan die without issue then to remain to the aforesaid Joan the wife of Roger.
(Somerset Fines. 26 Henry VI (1447-8).)

13) Scope and content
John Cayleway v. Martin Pollard: Removal of the bells of a chapel founded on land in Hatherleigh, belonging in reversion to petitioner.:
Devon. Covering dates 1443-1450, possibly 1455-1456

14) The tomb of Sir John Tregonwell at Milton Abbey, near Milton Abbas and Melcombe Bingham, displays the Kelway arms of Sir John′s first wife, together with the arms of the Bingham, Ramsey and Bisset families.

15) 1428. Hundreda de Tyverton et Halberton:

Thomas de Cheyne tenet j. f. in MOKYLISBEAR ad terminum vite uxoris sue de hereditate Johannis de Chaylleway (Caylleway) de Johanne Soor (de Soer) de Balkewill, quod Johannes de Chaylleway (Caylleway) prius tenuit.
(Thomas de Cheyne holds one fee in Mokylisbear to the end of the life of his wife of the inheritance of John de Chaylleway from Johanne Soor of Balkewell, which John de Challeway held before.)

Johannes Caleway tenet quatam partem un. f. m. in MOKELYSBEAR, quam Thomas de Chyne quondam tenuit ibidem.
(John Caleway holds a quarter part of a knights fee in Mokelysbear which Thomas de Cheyne once held himself.)

1428. Hundredum de Fremygton:

Johannes de Calaway tenet vj′tam. partem un. f. m. in WHITESLEGH, quam ab antiquo Thomas Cheyne quondam tenuit.
(John de Calaway holds a 1/6 part of a knights fee in Whiteslegh which since old times Thomas Cheyne once held)

16) CP 25/1/46/86, number 193.
County: Devon. Place: Westminster.
Date: Three weeks from St Michael, 21 Henry VI [20 October 1442].
Parties: William Clayton and Ellen, his wife, querents, and William Lytelwyke, Nicholas Yoo, citizen and alderman of London, John Notebroun, Thomas Bosse, John White and Nicholas White, deforciants.
Property: The manors of Cadekebere and Melbury and 4 acres of land and 101 shillings of rent in Mouncokehampton' and Bradeworthy and the advowson of the church of Mouncokehampton.
Action: Plea of covenant.

Agreement: William Clayton and Ellen have acknowledged the manors, tenements and advowson to be the right of Nicholas White, as those which the same Nicholas, William Lytelwyke, Nicholas Yoo, John, Thomas and John have of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of William to William Lytelwyke, Nicholas, John, Thomas, John and Nicholas and the heirs of Nicholas White for ever.

Warranty: Warranty by William Clayton and Ellen for themselves and the heirs of Ellen, against Edmund, abbot of Westminster, and his successors.

For this: William Lytelwyke, Nicholas, John, Thomas, John and Nicholas have given them 300 marks of silver.

17)CP 25/1/46/90, number 285. County: Devon. Place: Westminster.
Date: One week from the Purification of the Blessed Mary, 27 Henry VI [9 February 1449]. And afterwards one week from St Michael, 36 Henry VI [6 October 1457].
Parties: William Lytelwyke, Nicholas Whyte, Thomas Smyth, clerk, and William West, querents, and Edward Langford, esquire, and Sanchia (Sanchea), his wife, deforciants.

Property: The manors of Catykkebeare and Melbyre and the advowson of the church of Monkeokhampton and 8 acres of land, 9 pounds, 15 shillings, 10 pence and 1 halfpenny of rent and rent of 1 horse′s nail and of 2 red roses in Monkeokhampton, Nythercote, Southcote, Maddeford, Blakedon, Crofte, Greneslade, Bradeworthe, Nythermelbyre, Wyggedon, More, Manyspesdyche, Ouermylbury, Brokescombe, Cokyswall, Northcombe, Wyke Germyn and Fenne.
Action: Plea of covenant.

Agreement: Edward and Sanchia have acknowledged the manors, land, rent and advowson to be the right of William Lytelwyke, of which the same William, Nicholas, Thomas and William West have the manors, land and advowson of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Sanchia to William, Nicholas, Thomas and William and the heirs of William Lytelwyke for ever. And besides Edward and Sanchia granted to William, Nicholas, Thomas and William the rent together with the homages and all services of Walter Nithercote, Walter Reynald, Thomas Coke, Henry Denbold, Thomas Wonnecote, John Madeford, John Grodon, Thomas Arnold, John Cnappeman, John Bex, Alice Bratyn, Thomas Pateryg, Martin Haywode, John Thorne, William Clerke, William Melbury, Baldwin Fulleford, William Langeford, John Manspesde(c)he, William Perys, John Heye, Roger Colompere, Nicholas Corune, Walter, prior of Frydelstoke, and his successors, Adam atte Fenne and William Cary and their heirs, in respect of all the tenements which they held before of Edward and Sanchia in the aforesaid vills, to hold to William Lytelwyke, Nicholas Whyte, Thomas Smyth and William West and the heirs of William Lytelwyke, of the chief lords for ever.
Warranty: Warranty against John, abbot of Tavistock, and his successors.
For this: William Lytelwyke, Nicholas Whyte, Thomas Smyth and William West have given them 100 pounds sterling.

18) The properties of Sir William Kellaway by Dr Sylvia Warham

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