By Dr. Sylvia Wareham

Moistown was once a large and important house in the village of Broadwoodkelly. Now only ruins remain in the grounds of Pattiland Farm.

Moistown Ruins Moistown Carriage Drive
Moistown Ruins The Driveway
Moistown 2013

This illustrated map done in 1840 shows the house, labelled Morstown, as it was then. It shows only half the original house was still standing (if it is an accurate representaion).

Broadwoodkelly 1840 Moistown Detail
Broadwoodkelly Map Moistown area enlaged
Morstown is bottom rightOnly half the original house appears in 1840

Dr Sylvia Warham has studied Moistown history and written this fascinating account and I am very grateful to her for allowing its story to be told here.

This story is in Nine Parts and in pdf format. Please click below on each part and use your back button to return to this page to choose the next part.

Moistown Part 1Moistown Part 2
Moistown Part 3Moistown Part 4
Moistown Part 5Moistown Part 6
Moistown Part 7Moistown Part 8
Moistown Part 9 

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