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The village lies about 8 miles SW of Launceston. The Kellaway/Callaway family has only one ancient connection to the village but the evidence for this still exists in the beautiful church of St Torney.

The Parish Church of St Torney dates from C13 with C15 and C16 additions. It was restored and partially rebuilt in 1868.

The Parish Church of St Torney The Church Interior. Spoure memorials
Church of St Torney The Interior
 With Thanks to Ken Ripper for the interior photographs

The Kellaway connection to the village occurred in about 1468 when Catherine Kellaway daughter of John married the last male heir of the Trebartha family, Nicholas Trebartha. This family had been in the area since the C13 and lived at Trebartha Hall, North Hill. So Catherine and Nicholas moved to Trebartha Hall but had only one daughter Ann who became Nicholas′ sole heir.

Ann married Captain Thomas Spoure of Misterton, Somerset in 1498. He had been sent to Cornwall with a troop of horse to put down a rebellion against the Crown. They inherited Trebartha Hall and had a son Thomas. Thus the Spoure family came to North Hill and remained at the Hall until 1729 when the property passed to the Rodd family by the Will of Mary Spoure who was due to marry her cousin Francis Rodd but died of smallpox before the wedding took place.

The church contains many monuments to the Spoure and Rodd families but the Trebartha and Kellaway families are not forgotten as they are commemorated in this carved slate memorial to the Trebartha, Kellaway and Spoure family unions.

The Trebartha, Kellaway, Spoure memorial slate
The Trebartha, Kellaway, Spoure memorial slate
With Thanks to Ken Ripper for this photograph

This slate memorial has the arms of Trebartha in the first and fourth quarters (Azure, on a bend, wavy, Argent, three choughs, erased, Sable) In the second and third quarters the arms are for Kellaway (Argent, two grossing irons in saltire, Sable, between four pears, Or) and in the centre the arms of Spoure (Gules, on a chevron, Or, a rose of the first between two mullets pierced Sable). It is found close to the larger Spoure memorials to Henry and Richard Spoure in the south aisle.

So who was Catherine Kellaway? Clearly a lady whose father bore Kellaway arms so we can identify her as a daughter of John Kellaway and sister of Sir William Kellaway I. There are property records which confirm this and the date of her birth fits well with this date of marriage.

At the time this record was made John Kellaway had died and his wife had remarried John Devioke of St Neot, Cornwall.

CP 12/1/46/92, number 30 County: Devon Place: Westminster Date: Two weeks from St. Michael, 12 Edward IV [13 October 1472. And afterwards one week from St. Michael, 13 Edward IV (6 October 1473).
Parties: William Deuyok' [Deviock], querent, and John Deviock the younger and Joan, his wife, deforciants.
Property: The manors of Cadekebeare and Melbury and the advowson of the church of Monkeokhampton, 45 messuages, 12 gardens, 1000 acres of land, 120 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood, 200 of moor and 1000 acres of furze and heath, 10 pounds, 8 shillings, 10 pence and ? halfpenny of rent and rent of 1 horse′s nail and 2 red roses in Monkeokhampton, Nethercote, Southcote, Maddeford, Blakedon, Croft, Greneslade, Bradeworthe, Methermelbury, Weggedon, More, Manyspesdyche, Overmelbury, Brokescombe, Cokeswall, Northcombe, Jageford, Wykeiarmen, Teyngcombe, Fenne, Okehampton, Plympton, Neutonbusshell, Northtauton, Loworthy, Westworth More, Chychemore, Pyre, Crydeton, Exon and in the parish Of Sc′i Leonardi [St Leonard] outside the south gate of Exon [Exeter].

Action: Plea of covenant
Agreement: John and Joan have acknowledged the manors, tenements, rent and advowson to be the right of William, as those which he has of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Joan to him and his heirs for ever.
Warranty: Warranty
For this: William has granted to John and Joan the manors, tenements, rent and advowson and has rendered them to them in the same court, to hold to John and Joan and the heirs of their bodies, of the chief lords for ever. In default of such heirs, successive remainders to (1) WILLIAM CAYLEWAY, son of the aforesaid Joan, and the heirs of his body, (2) to ROBERT CAYLEWAY, brother of WILLIAM CAYLEWAY, and the heirs of his body, (3) to JOAN the elder, ELIZABETH, KATHERINE, ANNE, AMY AND JOAN the younger and MARGARET, daughters of the aforesaid Joan, the wife of John Deviock, and the heirs of their bodies, (4) to John Deviock the elder and the heirs of his body, (5) to William Deviock, brother of John Deviock the elder, and the heirs of his body, (6) to JOHN TRECARELL the younger and MARGARET his wife, sister of the Aforesaid William Deviock, brother of John Deviock the elder, and the heirs of their bodies, and (7) to the right heirs of John Deviock the younger.

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