The Lewis Information for Tavistock Area Families

Lewis families did not arrive in Tavistock until the late 1700′s. They appear to be mostly agricultural workers who came from the more northern villages like Exbourne, Broadwoodkelly and Langtree.

The origins of the first families were very difficult to trace as the people died before the 1851 census so that place of birth was not given. Also they left no records other than in the parish registers. No headstones have been found for my Broadwoodkelly family and there are no wills.

The most likely village of origin as being Broadwoodkelly was found by looking at many villages and families. Then by looking at the movements of siblings the correct family could be discovered. John and Philip of Broadwoodkelly both moved to Tavistock as did John′s sister and her husband. Later the sister is found living with a descendant as an elderly widow. This would all seem to indicate the correct choice for birthplace.

The Exbourne families were rather easier to trace as they arrived later and were recorded in the census.

The Whitchurch families are more mixed. Some originate in Broadwoodkelly, while there are additions from Ashbury and Inwardleigh.

I would like to thank Valerie Turvey for all her help with these families

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