The first record of Doble families in Calstock is in the 1544 Subsidy: John Dobell G2. The next records are from the Wills:
John 1571; Peter 1630; Daniel 1646; Rob. 1682; Mary 1689; Rich.1695; Wm. 1730; John 1732; Wm. 1749; Mary 1765

The next is in the 1641 Protestation Returns. – Danell Doble signed with his mark.

In the 1664 Hearth Tax we have two Doble entries:
Robert Doble Calstock 2 hearths returned 1 short
Thomas Doble Calstock 1 hearth excused

The early Parish records are fragmented and some of the information in the families has been pieced together from early Wills.

Problems were increased by two William = Mary marriages in 1720 and 1721 and the difficulty in identifying the correct William. However the Will of William Doble, 1749, husband of Mary Doble listed his siblings and children and enabled that part of the tree to be constructed.

A further study of the Wills of Daniel 1646, Robert 1682, Mary 1689, Richard 1695, William 1730, John 1732, and William 1749 has improved understanding of early families.

My own link to this family ends with the marriage of Jane Doble to Richard Moone in 1742/3

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