Most of these families are from my own Family Tree but I have made a general study of all instances of the names occurring in the town rather than just restricting the search to my own line. Because of the large number of family members with similar names and ages it can be extremely difficult to be certain of a particular line of descent for Baker Families.

Information about the town, its history and the local area is also included along with some memories and events which affected members of my family.


The Place

The Folkestone Page
Whats New for Folkestone Pages
The Fishing and Maritime Museum


The Ambler Family
Baker Families of Folkestone
Cook Families of Folkestone
Cook Family Information Page
Cook Family Tree
Cook: Stephen Cook, The Lifeboatman
Cook: William “Cookie” Cook, The Preacher
Cook: John Cook, The Smuggler
Hughes Families of Preston next Wingham and Folkestone
Hughes Family Information
James Charles Hughes Family
Johncock Families of Folkestone
A Philpott Family of Postling, Hawkinge and Folkestone
Prebble families of Elham and Swingfield
John and Minnie Philpott Marriage Photograph
Riddalls Family of Folkestone
Riddalls Information
Webb Families of Barham, Acrise, Denton and Bekesbourne
Stokes of Folkestone Family Tree
Stokes of Folkestone Information

Lifeboats and Rescues

Folkestone Lifeboat Page
Folkestone Lifeboat Service Records
Lifeboat J. McConnel Hussey
Lifeboat Leslie
Folkestone Lifeboats in the Newspapers
Rescue of the Crew of The Good Intent 1904
Cook: Stephen Cook The Lifeboatman
The Rescue of the Crew of The Bevenue 1891
Patrick Buckley: Member of a Lifeboat Crew at the Rescue of the Crew of the Benvenue
The J. McConnel Hussey Goes to Tynemouth as The First RNLI Motorised Lifeboat

Memories and Events

The Tontine Street Air Raid 1917
Memorial Service for Tontine Street Raid 2017
Memories of Folkestone Between the Wars
Memories of WW2 Folkestone
Memories of Peter Campbell a WW2 Evacuee from Folkestone
Memories of Yvonne Stringer a WW2 Evacuee from Folkestone
Notice of Evacuation to Parents of School Children 27th May 1940
WW2 Spoof: Application for Permission to be Ill

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