This branch of the family has not yet been attached to the main medieval tree

It is difficult to piece together the family from the records which do exist, however many do include relationships so some attempt has been made to use these as acurately as possible.
There are still doubts as the names are very similar in all parts of the family so “William son of William” does not always define a person without ambiguity.

It is said the family gave their name to Kelloe a small village SE of Durham and many surrounding villages are mentioned in the property records.

The records of the family disappear after 1399. It is not clear if they left or the line died out

					Thomas Kellawe = Matilda de Byrtleya m.~1220						Guy de Kellawe		Roger de Kellawe
						b.~1190			m.2) Ralph Harpin					|			|
						d.~1250	|									|			|
							|									|			|
							|									|			Robert
	Thomas Kellawe _________________Christiana______________________________________________________Alexander 		William			|
	b.~1225				b.~1225								b.~1230						?
	m.Agnes				m.Robert le Taborer						|						|
	d.1312				de Neuton							SEE TREE 2 BELOW				Roger
	|																		|
	|																		|
	William ____John________Bishop Richard Kellawe ____________Thomas 2_________Patrick____Peter							Margaret
	b.~1250	    b.~1250	b.~1250				   b.~1250	   b.~1260	b.~1260							m.John Hedwyk
	|	   Cristiana	d. 10.10.1316			   m.Cristiana	   m.Cecily	m.Elizabeth Coygners					w. 1338
	|		|	Middleham Castle			|	   d.~1336	|			
	|		|						|			|			
	Henry	   William		 		Emery___________Julia			Cecily__Richard			
	b.~1270	   b.~1270				b.1270		b.1270		      		|			
				        		m.bef.1290					|			
							Joan Herbanid					|					
												   			de Harbarows		


		Henry _________________________	Nicholas________Thomas
		b.~1250				b~1250		b.~1250
		|				|		
		|				|
		|				|
		William_______John		Henry___________Thomas
		b.~1270				b.~1270		m.Agnes
		|				|
		|				|
		|				|
		William Jnr			John____________Elizabeth______?_________Simon______________________?__________Lawrence
		b.~1300				b.~1300					b.~1300					b.~1300
		m.Isabella Darryns		d.~1350					|					|
		d.~1369									|					|
		|									|					|
		|									|					|
		Nicholas______Robert de Lumley						Thomas________Nicholas			John
		b.~1330											b.~1320			b.~1330
													m.Joan (d.1370?		(heir of Nicholas s/o Simon 1371)

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