This family descends from the Black Torrington Families some of whom were in Tavistock during the 19th century. The Families who moved on to Bristol
begin with Samuel bap.07.02.1795 Lamerton son of Matthew Kellaway, 1764 Black Torrington and Ann Harris m.08.07.1794 Lamerton. From Lamerton
they moved to and settled in Calstock.

Black Torrington Families Calstock Families MATTHEW KELLAWAY 1764 & ANN HARRIS m.08.07.1794 Lamerton Yeoman Calstock (d.16.08.1839, 77 Will) (d.13.02.1820, 49) Samuel Kellaway 07.02.1795 Lamerton m.Jane Hamley 08.05.1820 Tavistock Susanna Killoway 05.08.1797 Calstock m.John Hooper 22.12.1821 Calstock d.13.11.1832 Henry Kellaway 05.01.1803 Calstock m.Sarah Grills 03.06.1823 Laneast SAMUEL KELLAWAY & JANE HAMLEY m.08.05.1820 Tavistock Carpenter d.08.07.1861 Bristol d.23.01.1861 Bristol William Hamley 11.10.1820 Tavistock m.Mary Elizabeth Evans 02.08.1841 Samuel Hamley 20.08.1822 Bristol m.Kezia Gould Ley 09.08.1858 George Hamley 25.04.1824 Trowbridge m.Julia Cahill 08.04.1849 Henry Matthew 07.05.1826 Trowbridge m.Catherine Morris 05.10.1863 Jane 18.12.1828 Eton d.01.11.1857 James 08.04.1832 Bristol m.Emma Fitzgerald 25.12.1861 Ann 01.03.1835 Bristol d.29.06.1856 Susan 27.11.1836 Bristol m.Mark Ball m.1860 d.29.05.1861 Simeon 25.10.1840 Bristol d.19.03.1850 WILLIAM HAMLEY KELLAWAY & MARY ELIZABETH EVANS m.02.08.1841 Bristol See FAMILY TREE with Photographs d.1888 d.1899 Emily Jane 25.12.1842 m.Henry Tooze 1875 William Hamley 02.08.1844 m.Elizabeth Colley 30.04.1867 Louisa Maria 11.10.1846 d.1848 Samuel Henry 13.01.1850 d.1852 Jane Hamley 08.10.1854 bn 1851 Bristol Mercy Ann 08.10.1854 bn 1852 m.John Langdon Poole 02.04.1877 Bishopston, Bristol d.1931, 78 Mary Elizabeth 08.10.1854 m.1)John Seeley Daws 1878 (as Elizabeth Mary) m.2)Samuel Holland 01.01.1885 Annie Rosina 19.05.1861 bn.1857 m.Charles Edwards 1878 William Walter George 19.05.1861 bn.1859 m.Annie Simmons 14.04.1884 Laura Gertrude 21.04.1861 m.Horace William Spray 19.12.1880 GEORGE HAMLEY KELLAWAY & JULIA CAHILL m.08.04.1849 d.1897 Bristol d.1901 Anna Rosena Marion 10.02.1850 Bristol m.Samuel Kirby 1875 Walter George Simeon 24.08.1851 Bristol d.30.01.1853 Rose 1852 George Henry 03.12.1854 m.Ellen Louisa Lewis 1882 Henry 1855 Jane Julia 1857 Williamstown Vic. Aus d.1871 Bristol Susan Amelia 1859 Williamstown m.Digby John Dyball 1891 James Charles 1862 Williamstown SAMUEL HAMLEY KELLAWAY & KEZIA GOULD LEY m.09.08.1858 d.20.08.1871 Bristol d.24.08.1903 Swindon Eliza Jane Britton 1859 d.02.03.1889 Swindon John Samuel Ley 28.06.1863 Bristol m.Matilda Wright 04.12.1893 Annie Emma 24.06.1865 Bristol m.Charles Henry Robbins 10.04.1895 Henry William 13.08.1869 Bristol d.01.12.1894 Swindon WILLIAM HAMLEY KELLAWAY & ELIZABETH COLLEY m.30.04.1867 Bristol d.29.11.1896 (m.2) John Frederic Golding 1900) William Colley 06.02.1868 Clifton m.Ethel Maud Isabel Lear 12.12.1891 Hobart Edward George 29.12.1869 d.1870 Clifton Frederick George 03.12.1870 Clifton m.Sarah Ellen Robinson 14.02.1903 Kent MP Edwin Hamley 06.14.1873 Horfield Edith Emily 09.09.1874 Horfield m.Charles Henry Duck 06.09.1899 Walter John 02.05.1877 Horfield m.Irene G H Lewis 1910 Percival Henry 1879 Horfield m.Winifred Marianne Dodds 1903 Beatrice Maude 15.02.1882 d.1970 Sherborne Daisy Sophia 10.04.1887 m.Ernest W Richards 09.05.1925 JAMES KELLAWAY & EMMA FITZGERALD m.25.12.1861 Albert Edward? 1880 GEORGE HENRY KELLAWAY 1855 & ELLEN LOUISA LEWIS m.1882 Tobacconist Assistant d.1899 Bristol George Henry 1884 m.Ivy J Luton 1913 Ralph C V 1888 m.Kate Knight 1912 WILLIAM WALTER GEORGE & ANNIE SIMMONS m.14.04.1884 Walter Charles 29.04.1885 Bristol m.Dora E Bennett 1910 Annie Elizabeth 04.05.1886 Bristol Arthur A 1890 m.Elsie Rosewell 1917 GEORGE KELLAWAY 1865 & CAROLINE UNDERHILL m.20.10.1886 Bricklayer Labourer Ellen Caroline 06.10.1890 WILLIAM COLLEY KELLAWAY & ETHEL MAUD ISABEL LEAR m.12.12.1891 Hobart, Tasmania d.1951 Vic. Aus d.1950 Vic. Aus Frederick Russell 14.07.1892 Hobart Leslie Vernon 01.08.1893 Hobart d.1922 Mildura, Vic, Aus Ethna Estelle 25.03.1895 Hobart Jack Lindley 19.03.1896 Hobart William Colley 28.10.1898 Hobart m.Ethel Maud Dowsett d.1976 Nancy 18.11.1914 Hobart m.Jack R H Piper 1942 PERCIVAL HENRY KELLAWAY & WINIFRED MARIANNE DODDS m.1903 Josephine Mary 21.04.1905 m.Edward Connor 1930 Francis Percival H 14.12.1906 m.Mildred A Neal 1931 Rosina Mary H 20.02.1912 m.Harold Sims 1934 Anthony Peter Hamley 1915 m.Cynthia M Edginton 1946 FREDERICK GEORGE KELLAWAY & SARAH ELLEN ROBINSON m.14.02.1903 Member of Parliament d.13.04.1933 Westerham Kent d.28.07.1939 Dulverton Somerset Margaret Honor 03.05.1906 Helen Raleigh 02.05.1907 Martin Hamley 20.09.1909 m.Marion Peacock 1936 WALTER JOHN KELLAWAY & IRENE G H LEWIS m.1910 Ena I H 1911 RALPH C V KELLAWAY & KATE KNIGHT m.1912 Nora K 1913 Dorothy E 1917 GEORGE HENRY KELLAWAY & IVY LUTON m.1913 Geoffrey A 1914 Wilfred 1918 ARTHUR A KELLAWAY & ELSIE ROSEWELL m.1917 Kathleen J 1920 WILLIAM COLLEY KELLAWAY & ETHEL MAUD DOWSETT m.~1920 Victoria, Australia d.1976 Victoria d.1965 Victoria Beverley A Peter L Russell F 1924

With thanks to David Scott Bill Piper and Peter Smith for information on these Tavistock and Bristol families.

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