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Kellaway families arrived in the Tavistock Area in the mid 1700s from different parts of Devon.

The first group originated in Black Torrington.
Matthew and Ann(Harris) passed through Lamerton from Black Torrington and settled later in Calstock. Two of their children remained in Calstock while the third returned briefly to Tavistock before moving on to Bristol. Matthew′s uncle James moved into Tavistock via Lifton. Another uncle, William also moved to Lifton and his son Henry moved on to Calstock while the daughters appear to have married in Tavistock. The son, James of a third uncle also moved to Lamerton and Tavistock late 1700s. They were all from a rural agricultural background but some descendants became carpenters and others became miners in Calstock.

The second group moved to Whitchurch around 1750 and began with William and his son, William who married Sarah Goss. Their origins are as yet unknown.

The last group arrived later with Charles Kelway and his second wife Peggy Richards who arrived from Phillack, Cornwall with their family about 1850. Interestingly, this last group are related by DNA to the Whitchurch group although no link has yet been established between them.

These groups have descendants in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.


In addition to the families mentioned above two families arrived in Lifton about this time, James and Joan(Bickel) who were married in Broadwoodwidger and William who married Margaret(Henwood) in Lifton 1774. His origin is uncertain.

These families are not related to any of the Tavistock groups above.

The families grew and spread into many of the surrounding villages as can be seen on the Families Pages. Most were employed as agricultural workers, miners and quarry workers.

These families too have descendants in the UK, USA and Australia. One mining family′s descendants went to South Australia so perhaps this massive statue in Kapunda, South Australia is partly a tribute to them (even if they were from Devon) and many others like them.

The Cornish Miner, Kapunda 1994
Statue to The Cornish Miner
One more family arrived about 1850. Tailor and shopkeeper John Kellaway and his wife Mary (May) moved from Halwill. This family is related by DNA to the Black Torrington family although no link has been found since the Parish Registers began.

Kellaway Drapers and Grocers
Kellaway Grocer and Drapers store, Lifton.
With thanks to Becky Paget.

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