Just south of Lincoln, UK is the International Bomber Command Museum. Inside there is a museum giving stories, explanations, and lots of information about the Bombing campaigns of WW2.

Outside, in the grounds there is a monument to the over 55,000 men and women who died during operations of WW2. It consists of a tall, central 102ft, spire surrounded by the panels bearing the names of these lost men. On the north side there is a group of statues depicting airmen of the time.


Lancaster Spire
Lancaster Bomber SculptureMemorial Spire and Panels

Statues with Lincoln Cathedral visible in the distance 2023.


nameLorne Edward Kellaway son of Edward and Edna Kellaway of Ontario, Canada. Born 27 Dec 1919.
F/S RCAF 420 sqd Gunner d.26 Feb 1943 Germany.
The Family originated in Devon. Lorne′s grandfather was Alfred Lelean Kellaway b.1856 Whitchurch near Tavistock, Devon. He went to Canada in 1876. The family can be traced back in Whitchurch to a William Kellaway b.1690.
See Tavistock Area Families
nameHerbert Henry Kelleway b.29 Feb 1912 Portsea son of Herbert and Ethel Edith Kelleway of Buckland, Devon.
Sgt. RAF Observer 82 sqd. d.01 Apr 1940
Herbert Kelleway was born 1881 in Portsea he married Ethel Edith Schulkins in 1905 Portsea. The family can be traced back to a William Kelleway b.1811 Portsea.
See Portsea Area Families
nameEdward Kelloway b.1920 son of
Charles Edward and Ann Kelloway of Port Arthur, Ontario.
F/S RCAF Navigator 12 sqd. d.27 Aug 1943 Germany.
Charles Edward Kellaway was born in Freshwater Isle of Wight in 1888. He married Annie Cadeau/Caddo 27th June 1917 in Rainy River, Ontario. The family can be traced back in Freshwater to a John Kellaway b.1727.
See Freshwater Area Families
nameConnaught Kelway b.09.10.1913 son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Kelway of Victoria, BC. Husband of Irene Kelway of Victoria, BC.
F/O RCAF Air Gunner 427 sqd. d.05 Jan 1945 Germany.
Thomas Henry Kelway was born 1882 in Liverpool UK but his father, Thomas, was born in Cork Ireland 1855 and his father Thomas, son of Charles, was born 1829 in Phillack, Cornwall. Thomas Henry arrived in Canada about 1905.
He married Louise McKay about 1907
See Phillack Area Families
nameFrederick George Calway b.1923 son of Bert Stephen and Madelaine Daisy Calway of Brighton. Wireless Op./Air Gunner Sgt. RAF 218 sqd. d.09 Oct 1943 Germany.Bertie Stephen Calway, son of William Calway, was born 1892 in Bristol. He Married Madelaine Daisy Farr 16.10.1916 Brighton.
See Bristol Area Families.
nameMartin Philip Callaway b.1923 son of Jack Harold and May Isobel Callaway of New Barnet, Herts.
Pilot Officer RAF 90 sqd. d.01 Sept 1943 Germany.
Jack Harold Callaway was born 1895 Hackney, London. He married Mary Isobel Martin 1922 Barnet. Jack's father was John Henry Callaway b.1860 Bodmin, Cornwall.
See St Kew Area Families.
nameJoseph Aloysius Callaway b.17.08.1922 son of Clarence Clare and Catherine Callaway. Flight Engineer
Sgt RAF 626 sqd. d.26 Nov 1943 Germany
Clarence Clare Calloway was born 1878 in Philadelphia. He married Catherine O'Rourke not long after she arrived in America from England in 1910. They had 4 children but two died young. The youngest Edward Aloysius was born 1922 but just a month later Clarence died. Catherine returned to England in October 1922 but she too died in 1925 Manchester. The two children, John Francis and Edward Aloysius, lived with her sister, Elizabeth and husband Harold Spinks in Manchester. Oddly by 1939 Edward is called Joseph Aloysius Callaway and that is how he is remembered here. John F kept the Calloway spelling and married 1944 Manchester.

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