The Aller/Haler, Halls and Cross Information for Tavistock Families


Cross records exist in the Tavistock Parish Registers from 1619. There are also Cross families in Mary Tavy.

Only the early families are found in these records as my link ends with the marriage of Dorothy Cross and Richard Eastlake in 1722.

Aller, Haller, Hellier and Halls.

This family remains an unresolved problem. On 21 Apr 1754 John Eastlake married Amy in Peter Tavy. In the original register this was Amy Haler, but in a contempory copy it was Amy Halls. No record of a baptism for Amy about 1730 has been found with any variation of this name. She was described as “of this Parish” in the register. There is just one Heller family in Peter Tavy at the correct time.

Aller is a rare variation and none have been found nearby. Halls are well represented in Tavistock from mid 1600s but there are no Amy baptisms.

Hellier mixed with Heller and Hele exist at the right time but again no Amy has been found.

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