The Eastlake Information for Tavistock Area Families

The first Eastlake families recorded in the Tavistock area are in Lamerton, Mary Tavy, Peter Tavy and Whitchurch. They then move to Tavistock itself about 1700.

Thomas Eastlake paid Hearth Tax on three hearths in Mary Tavy 1674 and Thomas Eastlake paid Hearth Tax on two hearths in Peter Tavy 1674. Richard and Thomas Eastlake signed the Protestation Returns 1641 Peter Tavy

Many of the families appear to have attended the Abbey Chapel Presbyterian Church.

Two well preserved headstones have been found. The first for Joan Eastlake in Abbey Chapel burial ground and another for John Eastlake in Peter Tavy Churchyard. Unfortunately, the stone in Peter Tavy is partially obsured by a tree trunk which has grown across one side and covered some important information.

I would like to thank Valerie Turvey for all her help with these families.

Eastlake Families Tavistock Area

Eastlake Headstones

Headstone Joan EastlakeInscription Headstone John EastlakeInscription
Headstone In Memory of Joan Eastlake
Who departed this life
The 27 of May 1790
Aged 87 year
Headstone In Memory of John Eastla
This parish he was here b
The 11th day of January in the
Year of his age and in
Year of our Lord 1789
Behold this stone here in the dust I lie
Convincing proof of mans mortality
In vain for age or youth or strength to boast
As every moment thou art doomed to dust
So now improve each moment as it flies
Thy souls immortal tho in body dies
My tender wife and loving Children dear
You soon in judgement shall with me apear
Abbey Chapel Presbyterian GroundsPeter Tavy Churchyard

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