The Calstock Kellaway families arrived after 1780 from other towns and villages. Many stayed only briefly and many emigrated to Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A.

The first arrival was Henry Kellaway who was baptised in Highampton (near Black Torrington), Devon in 1758. He arrived from Lifton, Devon where he had married Elizabeth Lang in 1782. Henry died in 1833 leaving a WILL in which property in Latchley was left to his son James and his daughter Molly Richards.

Between 22 May 1837 and 16 April 1838 Henry′s son James owned 2 acres of land in Latchley assessed in the Poor Law Union Rate at value two pounds.

The Tithe Maps of 1841 give his holdings as below. His properties were rather scattered holdings in Latchley and Cocks Park.

Tithe Holdings 1841 The Tithe Map Latchley Today
Owner: James Kellaway
Occupier: Himself

  90: House and Garden
151: Scrabs Hill Orchard
152: Scrabs Hill Garden
167: Latchley Green Orchard
168: Sawpitt Garden and House
358 and 359: Cocks Park
Tithe Map Latchley Map
The Property of James Kellaway 1841, Latchley, Calstock, Cornwall

This is James Kellaway′s house in Latchley village centre as it is today.

James Kellaway′s House, Latchley
James′ House
Latchley, September 2009

The next arrival was Henry′s cousin Matthew Kellaway, my 4x great grandfather, who was baptised in Black Torrington in 1764. He arrived from Lamerton, Devon where he had married Ann Harris in 1794 and where his first son, Samuel, was born in 1795. On 25 July 1837 Matthew owned and occupied land at Sandhill Gate assessed in the Poor Law Union Rate at value two pounds. On 27 September 1837, under occupier, John Hooper was inserted and by 06 June 1838 the land appears to have been divided in two parts, one occupied by Matthew′s son Henry, and the other by his son–in–law John Hooper (who had married Matthew′s daughter Susanna) although Matthew retained ownership.

Mathew′s daughter Susanna died, aged 35, in 1832 and Matthew himself died in 1839 leaving a WILL in which his property was left to his younger son, Henry. The Tithe Maps and Holdings of 1841 show Henry′s holdings as below. This was a compact series of fields below the house.

Henry Kellaway and his wife Sarah lived in this house until at least 1871. For much of that time John Hooper and his second wife and family lived next door. There are no death registrations for Henry or Sarah Kellaway in the UK and it is possible they went to Australia with their children.

Tithe Holdings 1841 The Tithe Map
Owner: Henry Kellaway
Occupier: Himself

1429: House and Garden
1428: Meadow
1427: Plott
1431: Higher Field
1432: Lower Field
1433: Middle Field
1434: Drake Walls Field
Tithe Map
The Property of Henry Kellaway 1841, Calstock, Cornwall

This is Matthew and Henry Kellaway′s house in Calstock as it is today. It can be found on the A390 travelling west out of Tavistock on a section known as Sand Hill Road. It is directly opposite the entrance to Sandhill House just before Gunnislake Station. The original house is the one furthest from the road. It appears to have a double pitched roof and could have been used as two cottages back–to–back.

Matthew Kellaway′s House, CalstockRear View
Matthew′s House, Front Matthew′s House, Rear
Matthew and Henry Kellaway′s House, Calstock, September 2009

These families were from a farming background but their children became carpenters or miners and moved to locations all over the UK and beyond. There are descendants who are active researchers with links to these families in the UK and abroad.

Several other familes passed through briefly from various other Devon villages.

More information on the origins of the Kellaway families can be found on the Kellaway/Callaway Research Pages.

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