John was a very wealthy merchant of the Staple at Calais. He left many records but nothing very definite is known of his parents. He is found most often with the Rockbourne Kellaways and the Stafford Kellaways. One reference to a John son of Hugh, and various property considerations (including land he held in Broadwoodkelly) have led to this tree. His ancestry must be treated as tentative at best.
Agnes Kellaway who married John Drake was often said to be his daughter. However, the dates do not support this and it is far more likely Agnes was his sister as shown here.

					Thomas Stafford/Kellaway = Joan			(See Stafford/Kellaway Tree)	
						b.~1400		|
				Thomas Stowford/Kellaway__________________________________Philip Stoford de Stoford
				m.Ann Coplestone						b.~1420
				|								 |
				|								 |
	Richard _______________Philip ___________________Hugh Kellaway				Katherine Stoford
	|			m.Alice Yeo			~1450					~1450
	?				|			m.Jane				m.John Coriton b.1447 Cornwall
	Hugh _________Thomas ______William _____John KELLAWAY of Cullompton_____________________________Agnes?
			b.~1482	   no heirs		b.~1480						b.~1475
			|	   		       d.24 Feb 1530/1	     				m.John Drake
			|			m.1)Elizabeth	2)Joan Tregarthen			    ~1495
	     		?			d.24 Jun 1512	b.1492    m.2)John Wadham ~1534
			|	   ________________|		|
			|	  |	    			|
  Richard (F)____ Simon 1	 Mary	       George_________Ann ____Elizabeth ____Mary the Younger ___Catherine ___Florence ____Agnes
  m.__ Leage    ~1510-1569	the Elder	b.1524	  m.William	   	    m.Thomas Codrington		     m.Richard	  b.1529
		m.Joan		m.William	d.young     Harewood						     Grenville    d.11.09.1564
		| 		   Cooke									     of Stowe     m.Henry Lyte
		|														  m.26.09.1546
		|														(m.2 Frances Tiptoft
	Simon 2 MP ________________________________________________________________________________William			 18.07.1565 (d.1589)
	~1535 - 1623					      	 			           m.Wilmot			 m.3 Dorothy Gover
	m.1)___?___ 2)Edith Anthony wid   3)Mary				    			|			 1591)
	|	    m.06.12.1598 Exeter	  (d.18.06.1630)	    				 	|			 (d.15.10.1607)
	|												|
	|					 			Henry__________?___________(Children)
	Francis______________John ?Of Longford	(not in Will)	     	b.~1564			   b.~1570
     	|		     ~1570					m.Joanne			|
	|		     |			    			d.1607 Churchtaunton 		?
	Francis		     Melony					|			     					Thomas
     	b.~1600		     b.23.04.1603	Henry____Nicholas_____Simon_________George_______William			     	b.~1605
	m.Silvester Colfree			~1585	 d.1607	      b.1589	    b.~1602	b.~1600					|
	m.24.06.1628 						      m.?Alice Richards		m.Elizabeth Worth	   		|
	|							      m.16.08.1628		m.18.10.1631 Exeter			|
	|											|			   		|
	Simon Kellaway 3________Francis 					Joseph__________Simon___________Hanna  			Petter Kelwaye
	b.25.07.1630		b.30.01.1629					b.11.09.1634	b.21.06.1636	b.03.09.1638		b.12.10.1634

Also Symon Kellway of Churchtaunton b.~1600 m.Alice Richards 16 Aug 1628 Exeter St Martin. He could be a child of one of William and Wilmot's Children
James Stoford b.~1520 m.Margaret Cooke sister of William Cooke
1627: Agnes Collywaie, widow, buried Cullompton, Devon.

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