William Smart was born about 1816 and gives his birthplace as Marylebone in later census. The first definite record of him is in the 1851 census Marylebone. He is 34 and his wife Ann, 40, is from Yeovil. They have two children Emma and William both aged 9.

In fact this can be misleading because Ann was his second wife. He was first married to Catherine Heatherman before 1841 and they had triplets in 1841. The eldest was Emma born 12.30pm 29th March, next William born 8.30pm 31st March and lastly Catherine born 8.41pm on 31st March.

Amazingly Mother and all three children survived this ordeal and we see them in the 1841 Census, Westminster.

	1841 3 New Court Westminster St Margaret
	Catherine Smart		30		Not in county Ireland
	William Smart		9weeks		Yes
	Emma Smart		9weeks		Yes
	Catherine Smart		9weeks		Yes

The father is clearly absent and this may be him, perhaps at his mother′s house, in Marylebone.

	14 York Court Marylebone
	Mary Smart		49		Not in county Ireland
	John Smart		15		Yes
	William Smart		25		Yes

In December 1843 Catherine died of a “haemorrhage during her lying in” and the following February one of the triplets, Catherine, died of Hooping Cough.

The name Smart is common in that area of London and I have been unable to find William′s birth with any degree of certainty.
William Smart baptised 20 March 1816 of John Smart and Mary Higgins, St Mary, Marylebone seems most likely but is not proven.
I have also been unable to find his first marriage, nor identify his second marriage, nor identify his date of death.

Catherine Heatherman from Ireland seems untraceable. I have no clues to location. It is not a common name but there are few records to be found and nothing has been located as yet.


	WILLIAM SMART (~1816)		&	1)CATHERINE HEATHERMAN(1813 Ireland)	2)Ann(1811 Yeovil)
	Emma			29.03.1841 London Westminster	 m.George Nichols Wilson m.16.04.1865 Norwood Green
	William			31.03.1841
	Catherine		31.03.1841 d.09.02.1844

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