Descendants of Osbern DECAILLY

Fifth Generation

9. Phillip1 DE CHAILLEWAY (Philip , William , Guillame , Osbern ) was born about 1120 in Gloucester. He died in 1149.

The manor of Muxbear, or Mokesbeare, belonged so early as the reign of Henry II. to the family of Kelloway. After twelve descents it passed by sale to Richard Calmady, great uncle of Sir Shilston Calmady, who possessed it in Sir William Pole's time. In 1678 William Shere and his wife were possessed of this manor: after some intermediate alienations, it was purchased, in the early part of the last century, by the ancestor of R. H. Clarke, Esq., the present proprietor. Mr. Clarke possesses also an estate called Sealake, which belonged anciently to a family of that name, and afterwards to the Giffards.

From: 'Parishes: Haccombe - Hittesleigh', Magna Britannia: volume 6: Devonshire (1822), pp. 250-72. URL: Date accessed: 20 May 2007.

Philip Caylewey to Pershore Abbey (William, abbot) : Quitclaim of ten hald-acres in the fields of Strensham : (Worcs). . Philip Caylewey to Pershore Abbey (William, abbot) : Quitclaim of ten hald-acres in the fields of Strensham : (Worcs). Exchequer:
Date range: 1120 - 1609.
Abbot: William, elected 1138

No date. Release by Philip Kaylewey of Strengesham to Sir William the abbot, convent & almoner of Pershore [Ancient Deeds/PRO]

Pipe rolls 1150 GLS

Abbot:Abbot: William, elected 1138

Phillip1 married Hawisa DEBEAUMONT, daughter of Robert Earl of Leicester DE BEAUMONT and Amice DE MONTFORT. Hawisa was born about 1124 in Leicester. She died on 24 Apr 1197.

"English Lawsuits from William I to Richard I." (Vol I)
and ditto " Henry II and Richard I" (Vol II)

Item 549, on double-page 601, is an extract
from the LLanthony Cartullary, dated "c1150-
23 Nov.1183".
The English translation (RH page) reads:

" Quitclaim and agreement concerning land at Aylworth in the court of William, earl of
Gloucester, between Hawisa, widow of Philip de Caillewey and her heirs on one hand, and William de la Mare on the other.

William, earl of Gloucester, to his steward and all his men, French, English and Welch, greeting. Know that Hawisa, who was Philip de Caillewey's wife, and her heirs have quitclaimed in my court the whole land of Aylworth which is of my fee and which William de la Mare claimed against them, to the aforesaid William de la Mare and his heirs
for themselves and their heirs and have abjured the aforesaid land before me and my court.
And William gave Hawisa twelve marks of silver and also four marks of silver as a dowry for her daughter and a rent of eight shillings to Philip, Hawisa's son. And by this present charter I have confirmed this agreement which was made in my court and granted on both sides. Witnesses: Hawisa, countess of Gloucester, Henry de Montfort, Gilbert de Aumari and others."

The Latin text, on the LH Page, incidentally
refers to Philippi de Kaylewey and Avicia.

Phillip1 and Hawisa had the following children:

+ 13 M i Nicholas DE CHAILLEWAY was born about 1143 and died after 1204.
  14 M ii Phillip2 DECHAILLEWAY was born in 1145 in Muxbeare.

Gloucester Pipe Rolls of 1165,
Philip de Chailewai holding land in Wiltshire.

Pipe rolls
13 Hen Philip de Cailweai Worcester 1166 p 67
15 Hen 11 Phylipp de Cailloey Worcester 1168 p.139
22 Hen 11 Philippus de Calloe Worcester 1175 p 36
23 Hen 11 Phillippus de Caioei Worcester 1176 p.65
24 Hen 11 Philippus de Cailloei Worcester 1177 p.45
25 Hen 11 Philippus de Calloei Worcester 1178 p.93
26 Hen 11 Philippus de Cailloei Worcester 1179 p. 78
27 Hen 11 Philippus de Cailloei 1180 p.21
28 Hen 11 Philippus de Cailloei Worcester 1181 p.10
  15 F iii Avicia DECHAILLEWAY was born in 1149.

10. ?Roger DECAILLY (Philip , William , Guillame , Osbern ) was born about 1125.

Pipe Rolls BGAS

28 Hen 11 Rogero de Chailloei Wiltshire 1181 p.86

He had the following children:

+ 16 M i Ralph DE CAILLEWAY was born about 1140.

11. Jordanus DECAILLY (Simon , Humphrey , Guillame , Osbern ).

Jordanus married MARGERY.

They had the following children:

  17 M i Richard DECAILLY.

12. Roger DECAILLY (Simon , Humphrey , Guillame , Osbern ) was born about 1125.

Pipe Rolls BGAS
28 Hen 11 Rogero de Chailloei Wiltshire 11 81 p.86

Is he the father of the Humphrey and Cornish lines?

Roger married BEATRICE.

They had the following children:

+ 18 M i Osbert or Osbern DECAILLY was born in 1150.
+ 19 M ii John DECAILLY was born in 1152.
  20 M iii Ralph DECAILLY was born in 1156.
  21 F iv Alice DECAILLY was born in 1154.
  22 M v William DECAILLY was born in 1158.

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