Descendants of Osbern DECAILLY

Sixth Generation

13. Nicholas DE CHAILLEWAY (Phillip1 DE CHAILLEWAY , Philip , William , Guillame , Osbern ) was born about 1143 in Muxbeare. He died after 1204 in Muxbeare.

The earliest Kellaway reference in Devon is to Nicholas Chaillwaie, who witnessed the Dolton and Dowland leases of the Canonsleigh Priory between 1161 and 1177.

Date: 1161-c. 1177 [between the consecration of Bishop Bartholomew and the last appearance of Walter de Clauile in the Pipe Rolls. Probably after 1173, as the royal confirmation (see no. 14n.) cannot be earlier].
MS.: ff. 17v.-18v.
Printed: Mon. Dio. Exon., 226 (from the cartulary); CChR, IV, 130 (in the text of an Inspeximus of Edward III); Mon. Angl., VI, 331 (both from the Charter Rolls).

I. Charter by Walter de Clauile, addressed to Bartholomew, bishop of Exeter, and the chapter, reciting his grants made in free alms to the canons of the Order of St. Augustine, and the church.of St. Mary and St. John the Evangelist at Leghe. These grants, made with the consent of his wife and heirs, for the souls of his ancestors and of Robert, earl of Gloucester and for the salvation of his own family, and of William, earl of Gloucester, and Hadewisa, countess of Claucester, consisted of: the church of Bunvoldescumbe, with an additional eight acres for lighting the church, and with a half virgate of land Byestebrok; the church of Duelande with an additional half ferling; the church ofMordona with an additional half virgate; all the land near Leghe itself, situated to the north of the water-course of the old mill, from Wlflega hill as far as the path to the fish-pond; the fish-pond itself and two acres to the west of it; and from there the whole of the land situated to the north of Linor Water as far as Swiliende Water, namely all his land of Leghe; and one ferling of land in Ruheknolle; the wood of Ruheknolle; the mill and all the multures of his land of Burwoldescumbe and Suraple; and a site, a watercourse and access through his lands in any place where they might wish, to build a mill; common pasture of all his lands; the mill of Widecumba and the whole multure of its lands, with six acres near the mill; the whole land of Nithertone and the whole land of Northauda, with all the appurtenances of these lands and freedom from all secular services. Witnesses: Joheta his wife, William his son, Adeliza his daughter, Ralph de Clauilla and Gilbert de Clauilla his brothers, Robert priest of Burwoldescumbe, Asco his chaplain, Roger priest of Colu'stoca, Ismael his son, Walter priest of Sandford, Ranulph priest of Blacaburga,:Arnald priest of Hoccawrda, Roger priest of Holecumba, Simon son of Rogus, Nicholas Lamprei and William his son, Stephen de Aysforde and Walter, William, Richard and Robert and Simon his sons, Robert de Morlega and Michael his son, William Peuerel, William son of Stephen, Hugh de Clauilla, William Burnel, Richard de Pola, William Boti, Nicholas de Calleweia, Roger the clerk, Mabel daughter of the donor, Agnes daughter of the donor, Hadewisa daughter of the donor, Baldwin de Tuzsains and Richard and John his brothers, Hector son of Baldwin, Alexander de Beohulla, William de Harpetrew, William de, Southedona and William de Stanlega.

Probably about 1173 This means that Nicholas must have been born about 1150
Pole tells us of Muxbeare:
'Nicolas Keloway held this land in Kinge Henry 2 tyme, whom lineally followed Phillip, Willm, Thomas, John, John, John, Edmond'.

''About 1230 Elias [Giffard] gave his land of Grofuge in Brimpsfield
to his kinsman Nicholas of Caleway, who thereupon bestowed the land upon St.
Bartholomew's Hospital at Gloucester.'

Pipe Rolls Vol 1-50 BGAS Lib
14 Hen 11 Nicholas de Chailloeia Devon 1167 p135
15 Hen 11 Nicholas de Cailloe Devon 1168 p.52
6 John Nicolaum de Caillewwi Mukelbir' Devon 1204 p.85

He had the following children:

+ 23 M i Elias 1 DE CAILLEWAY was born in 1170.
+ 24 M ii Hugh DE CHAILLEWAY was born in 1170.
  25 M iii Philip DE CHAILLEWAY was born in 1170.

16. Ralph DE CAILLEWAY (?Roger , Philip , William , Guillame , Osbern ) was born about 1140 in Kellaways, Wilts.

He had the following children:

+ 26 M i Humphrey DE KAILLE was born about 1170.
+ 27 M ii Ralph DE KAUL was born about 1170.

18. Osbert or Osbern DECAILLY (Roger , Simon , Humphrey , Guillame , Osbern ) was born in 1150.

Pipe Rolls BGAS
28 Hen 11 Osberto Caiuel Somerset 1181 p.141
8 John Hereberto de Cailloel Wilts 1206 p.187

He had the following children:

  28 F i Pamella DECAILLY.
  29 M ii Adam DECAILLY.

19. John DECAILLY (Roger , Simon , Humphrey , Guillame , Osbern ) was born in 1152.

John married Beatrice BUTTERY.

They had the following children:

+ 30 M i John DECAILLY was born in 1180.

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