Descendants of Osbern DECAILLY

Seventh Generation

23. Elias 1 DE CAILLEWAY (Nicholas DE CHAILLEWAY , Phillip1 DE CHAILLEWAY , Philip , William , Guillame , Osbern ) was born in 1170. He died in Kellaways.

p. 33. fn1. Elyas de Kailleway appears in the Wilts Returns (Testa de Nevill, pp. 142 and 157) as joint holder of four fees under Elyas Giffard (IV), whose sister Berta he had married; two of them are said to be in Kaillewent, which looks as if the name were of territorial origin, though the "de" is often omitted. Perhaps it was derived from "Caillou," a flint, as it is occasionally spelt so. The spelling in fact was so various,--even sometimes in the same document, that no conclusion can be come to.

Chippenham veridiction Vol 12?
83 pge. 117
In KELLAWAYS Ellis de KAYLEWEY and Godfrey Scudamore had held two fees in 1243 of Ellis Giffard father of John.

Vol.26 14 Pge.34
Richard Wafir, who brought an assize of novel disseisin for his common pasture inWYNIELEFFEUD, came and withdrew. So he and his sureties for prosecuting are in mercy, namely ELLIS of KELEWEY and WILLIAM of the same. [In 106 pge. 55 the hand of the scribe is different and the names are spelt WINELEFFCELDE and ELLIS of KAILLEWEY otherwise all else the same]

Fines Tempore Regis Henrici III Anno 11 Hen. III:
11 Hen. III. (1227)
11. HAWISIAM, q. fuit ux. Elyae, fil. Rici. p. Elyam de Cailleway, t. d. tcia. pte. 2 virgatar. in Tiiderington, qui. Hawisia clamat esse dotem, de lib. tento. qd. fuit pdci. Elyae, quond, viri sui. Unde Hawisia q. clam. Elyae, pro l mc.

This reference does not fit anywhere. Did this Elias have two wives?

Elias married Bertha GIFFARD, daughter of Elias 3 GIFFARD and Maud FITZROBERT, in 1190. Bertha was born about 1150.

They had the following children:

+ 31 F i Matilda DE CAILLEWAY was born in 1200.
+ 32 M ii William DE CAILLEWAY was born in 1201.
+ 33 M iii Elias 2 DE CHAILLEWEY was born about 1202.

24. Hugh DE CHAILLEWAY (Nicholas DE CHAILLEWAY , Phillip1 DE CHAILLEWAY , Philip , William , Guillame , Osbern ) was born in 1170.

Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Ancient Deeds, Series D E 210/7658
Alexander le Wite to William son of Hugh de Caylewei: Grant of an acre in Strensham (Worc.) . Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Ancient Deeds, Series D The National
Date range: 1120 - 1609.
Before 1234

But in 1189, the year Henry died and
Richard the Lionheart came to the throne, and John married Isabel, Hugh de
Kayleway received 11 marks of silver as a knights fee for Ayleworth
Llanthony Cartulary (see Dowland)

He had the following children:

  34 M i Phillip3 DECHAILLEWAY was born about 1200 in Muxbeare. He died in 1242.

No heirs

In 1238 Philip de Kaillewai killed Anketill de Dugheltone
(This is an old spelling of Dolton- so he is definitely a Muxbeare c/k).
>He avoided penalty in the North Tawton Eyre Court, by producing letters
"close to the King".
May 8.
Pardon to Philip Caillewey for the death of Anketil de Dughelton, on
condition that he make his peace with the relatives of the said Anketil and
stand his trial if anyone will proceed against him.
Mandate to the justices next in eyre in the county of Devon in their
eyre not to bring any suit against the said Philip for the said death, or
grieve him by reason of any verdict made before them by reason of the
said death ; on the above condition.—Clone.
You may remember that Anketil de Dughelton (Dolton) was one of the witnesses
to the Canonleigh Priory leases of Dowland and Dolton. It seems that he
came to grief at the hands of Nichols' son Philip.

158M T755 Grant c1200

Philip Kaillewei

Reginald de Nimeth

In manor of Edrichoche, land called Penigrewe, once in the tenure of Adam Hugge’ per cyrographum; also Blakelond *, La Cumbe and mill. Half a pound of pepper and 12d. for William de Monte’s land and 7 marks down

Witnesses: Sir Stephen de Haccumb, Roger Chaplain of Dinlond, Richard de Espec, Robert de Siccavilla, John Kaillewe, Robert de Stafford, Galfrid de Northecoth.

*(Note by SMW – Blakelond is in Dowland)
+ 35 M ii Thomas DECHAILLEWAY was born about 1200.
+ 36 M iii William DE CHAILLEWAY was born about 1200 and died in 1248.

26. Humphrey DE KAILLE (Ralph DE CAILLEWAY , ?Roger , Philip , William , Guillame , Osbern ) was born about 1170 in Of Holcombe Burnell.

He had the following children:

+ 37 M i Humphrey DE KAILLE(KAUL) was born about 1200.

27. Ralph DE KAUL (Ralph DE CAILLEWAY , ?Roger , Philip , William , Guillame , Osbern ) was born about 1170. He died in Cornwall.

He had the following children:

+ 38 M i Roger DE KAUL was born about 1193 and died in 1272.

30. John DECAILLY (John , Roger , Simon , Humphrey , Guillame , Osbern ) was born in 1180.

John married Margery MAUD. Margery was born in Bradenham Denver Royston Norfolk.

They had the following children:

  39 M i Radulphus LE CALAWE was born in 1210 in Dunes Weston Stalbridge1240.
  40 M ii Hugo DECAILLY was born about 1210.
+ 41 M iii Adam DECAILLY was born about 1210.

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